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Chocolate Chip Cookies
Tried and True Kitchen Tested Recipes

I used to be in sales, and at Christmas, I wanted to give my customers something more personal than a tin of cookies or a fruit basket. Being a woman, I had one advantage over my competition who were mostly men. I could bake and very well at that.

So I started the yearly holiday cookie marathon. Every year, I would bake over 4,000 cookies and arrange them elaborately on covered trays. It became such a hit that as early as August, customers were asking me what new Christmas cookie recipes I would add to the cookie list for that year. And yes, by August I was testing new recipes.

I would bake every weekend for two weekends, dawn to dusk and every night during the week to accomplish this task. But the cookies were fresh when the trays went out and my reception was always pure elation. Work would literally stop when I came in with the trays, owners and managers not caring because they too were just waiting until I sat the tray down and popped the cover. Grown men would become little boys, hiding chocolate chip cookies in their desks before they were all gone. Women would fight over who got the last raspberry white chocolate bar or frosted cashew cookie.

I did this for over 15 years. So trust me when I say, I have one of the best tasting cookie recipe collections anywhere. These dessert recipes are well kitchen tested and have the approval of thousands over the years.

Of course, I don't only bake cookies. I have some wonderful pie, cake, torte and quickbread recipes as well. Enjoy, for they are the best of the best!

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