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Storing Cookies

You should always allow all cookies and bar cookies to cool completely before trying to store them.

For the best and freshest tast follow these tips:

Soft Cookies - should be placed between sheets of waxed paper in an airtight container. Make sure the container has a snug fitting lid. If the cookies begin to dry out, place a slice of on a sheet of waxed paper and place inside the container. Replace the slice of bread as needed.

Crisp Cookies - should be stored in a container with loose lid unless you live in a humid climate like I do. If your humidity is high, store these cookies in an airtight container as well.

Frosted Cookies - should be stored only after the frosting is set on the cookies.
Like soft cookies, all frosted cookies should be stored between layers of waxed paper. It is best if you do not stack the layers deeper than 3 layers.

Freezing Cookies

Freeze cookies only after they are completely cooled. To freeze unfrosted cookies, layer them in a freezer safe container or resealable ziplock plastic freezer bag. Layer a sheet of waxed paper between each layer.

To freeze frosted cookies, arrange cookies on a tray in a single layer and free until firm. Then place the frozen cookies in a freezer safe ziplock plastic bag.

Meringue cookies usually do not freeze well.

Make sure to label cookies with the date that you placed them in the freezer. Cookies should keep up to 6 months in a proper storage container.

To thaw, remove from container and loosely cover. Allow cookies to stand at room termperature for 15 to 20 minutes.

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